"Transported" "Russian Man on LA Train""Russian Man on LA Train" (detail)"Actress as Window Sitter, Brooklyn" "Actress as Window Sitter, Brooklyn" (detail)"Zach, Reflective in New York""Zach, Reflective in New York" (detail)"LA Man with Brooklyn Smokestack" "Solo in Septuple: Raymond Dancing in LA""Corvid Cacophony""Angela's Persona""Angela's Persona" (detail)"Dry Birth""Dry Birth" (detail)"Mojave Rain Pool""Mojave Rain Pool" (detail)"Off-Road Curves""Vision at Chuckwalla""Tracks""Tracks" (detail)"Abandoned at Luna Mesa"Abandoned at Luna Mesa (detail)"South of Second Mesa""South of Second Mesa" (detail)"Taos Self Portrait""Taos Self Portrait" (detail)"The Abandoned Mine""Rear Window""Rear Window" (detail)"Driver's View, Owens Valley""Cinder Cone with Quarry Mounds""Sunset, San Andreas"