"Slumber at Chuckwalla""Slumber at Chuckwalla Valley" (detail)"Study for Cradled""Study for Wellspring"Study for Wellspring (detail)"Clothesline with Mop, Taos""Side View Mirror, Badlands"Side View Mirror, Badlands (detail)"Flood Path""Karole, Seated""Fey Seated on Drapes""Toni, Reclining""Nicole Wearing a Chenille Hat""Jee's Back""Jee Wearing a Green Tank Shirt""Nicole in Black Stockings"Benny, Seated"Pears with Pairs""Pears with Pairs" (detail)"The Actor as Passenger""The Actor as Passenger" (detail)"Wendy Reclining""Wendy Reclining, Taos" (detail)"Samantha, Seated""Samantha, Seated" (detail)"Ondy Head Study""Head Study of Andrew""Sean Leaning on His Hand""Sean Leaning on His Hand" (detail)"Fey, Seated""Andy""Dancer at John's""Cassandra Seated""Model in Pink Dress""Samantha Reclining""Samantha with Vines""Yuko Standing"